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After quite some time I updated some contents around the different pages.

“Revolutions” @ Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ


I feel that being an artist and more particularly a musician in these days is not an easy task to bare: we spend most of our time secluded in our study rooms, pursuing our stylistic ideal or satisfying our expressive needs. Outside those rooms, the world keeps stumbling upon oppression, war, social problematics… At times I wonder whether it is not more useful to drop the guitar and “do something”, I wonder why we keep shutting ourselves inside bourgeois concerts halls, why the so-called contemporary music scene is each and every day more distant from People.
I don’t care about novelty if that precludes a connection with those who spend their time listening to my music. I don’t care about self-indulging wanking, I just love when music brings us together. Then I feel that after all, in some weird and beautiful way, we musicians are actually “doing something”.
A bunch of brilliant creatives and musicians are going to “do something” on Thursday from 19:15 at Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam. It will be an evening of awareness and communion, everyone of us will have something to say (or to play) about the world we live in: I will tell you a story of an Italian valley, together with some good friends and the Nieuw Ensemble we will try to make you smell the scent of trees and rocks, to see its sky, dawn and sunset, before some tar-stinking greediness takes it away from us.
I hope to see you there, it will be memorable!

“Libertà è partecipazione.”
Signor G

Concert June 18th “Voci per la Valle”


On Sunday June 18th I will be singing at a festival against the construction of a useless highway in my hometown.

New Syncage video published!


Hi guys, it’s been rather quiet lately: that was mainly because I was extremely busy with Syncage, my band. Last May 5th we released our first full-length album, Unlike Here and we had a couple of concerts, one in Amsterdam (NL) and the other in Gothenburg (SE). It was amazing! Here’s a videoclip of the first track of the album, SCHOOL! I hope you’ll enjoy it!
If you like it, please consider to buy the album. Thanks!

Matteo Nicolin presents “Cerbiatto”


Azzurra Music recently published another video about my album, where I speak of “Cerbiatto (incendio nella foresta)”.
If you want, you can listen to the whole album on Spotify. Enjoy!

Matteo Nicolin presents “Anestetizzato”


Yesterday Azzurra Music published the 2nd video dedicated to “Boschi di Larice nei Mari del Nord”, where I explain how, in the name of survival, the body can at times release a substance which soothes the feeling of lack, making us anestethized.

Matteo Nicolin presents “Rane”


On Il Canale Della Musica Italiana – PlayAudio was published the first video of a series where I tell something about Boschi di Larice nel Mare del Nord. In this first episode I speak about opening-track “Rane”. Enjoy!

“Besides Göteborg” now published!



You can now find in the gallery page “Besides Göteborg”, a collection of a few photographs taken last week around the Swedish city area. Enjoy!

“The Time Stealer” now published!


It’s good to be back writing music after a whole summer dedicated to recording Syncage‘s album: after 2 years I can finally stop worrying about coherence and large projects (for a little while) and dedicate my compositional efforts to experimentation and discovery.
Here’s a track for classical guitar, voice, electronics and missing 16th notes, enjoy!

“Boschi di Larice nel Mare del Nord” now released!


I can finally share with you “Boschi di Larice nel Mare del Nord” in its entirety! You can listen to it on Spotify or purchase it on the main online stores (iTunes, Play Music, Amazon, etc.)!

Boschi di Larice nel Mare del Nord


Tomorrow, Friday June 24th 2016, Azzurra Music will publish on the main online stores and Spotify my first solo album “Boschi di Larice nel Mare del Nord“. As of now, have a listen to the single “Anestetizzato” and skim through the lyrics of the whole album, by clicking here! Thanks for listening.

“Furono Geometrie” now published


Furono Geometrie

In the gallery section you will now find “Furono Geometrie”, a small photographic project on an abandoned woolen mill in Piovene Rocchette.

“Madri” now released


In the gallery section you can now find the lyric video of “Madri”, for choir and organ, premiered on April 9th 2016 at Orgelpark – Amsterdam.
What an amazing experience, heartfelt thanks to all those who made this happen!

Trails subsection now added


I added a Trails section to the writings page, where you can find the reports of some hikes in the Italian Alps. It’s in Italian, yet there are plenty of photographs! (And the GPS tracks available for download.)

“Flautofonia Silvestre” now released


Today I want to share with you this experimental vocal meditation. Enjoy!

“Scaglie di Atterraggi” now published


In the writings section, Scaglie di Atterraggi (selection of poetry and illustrations conceived throughout 2015, Italian only) is now available.

“Quattro Racconti Brevi” now published


In the writings section, Quattro Racconti Brevi (four short tales, Italian only) is now available.

doubtstep.com is back!


Dear Visitor,

Welcome on the third version of my website!