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Composer, guitarist and singer. Occasional writer.

Frontman of the Syncage Project.
Bachelor degree in Electronic Music obtained at the Conservatoire of Vicenza.
Bachelor degrees in Composition and Classical Guitar obtained at the Conservatoire of Amsterdam.

Biographical note

Matteo Nicolin at Centre Pompidou, Paris, picture by Sarah van Eijk, June 2016
in the background Mit dem schwarzen Bogen (1912) by V. Kandinsky

I am Matteo Nicolin, I was born in 1994 in Vicenza.

At a very tender age I spend my first days in the mountains, developing an irremediable love which still lasts today. Music enters in my life shortly after, when my grandma gives me an old keyboard, which will soon replace any other games or activities.

I start studying classical guitar at the age of 10 with Donato Mascia, who with time becomes a good friend of mine. I study at a linguistic high-school. During these years I start singing and I found what will later become the Syncage project, together with my brother Riccardo, Daniele Tarabini and Matteo Graziani.

I continue my guitar studies with Giuseppe Maderni and Giorgio Baratella. At the same time, I start studying electronic music under the guidance of Lorenzo Pagliei and, in February 2015, I obtain the Bachelor degree.

Since September 2014 I study at the Conservatoire of Amsterdam (4th year bachelor), faculties of Composition, with Wim Hendrickx and Joël Bons, and Classical Guitar, with Johannes Möller. I obtain the Bachelor degree in both faculties in 2018.

Curriculum Vitae

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